This questionnaire is designed to make a survey of the basic processes related to quality management efforts in your institution. The survey consists of five sections.

1. General Profile
2. IQAC (Internal Quality Assurance Cell) activities
3. Academic and Research Outputs
4. Student Mentoring and Support System
5. Governance and Innovation

The activities of the institution in the above five sections or in other relevant areas are being surveyed to create a quality profile for the year in relation to institutional vision and goals. The survey results would enable the institution and IQAC to create a quality index profile, which would be a self learning exercise. Apart from the responses to the online survey, in case the NAAC requests for any further evidence, the information may be sent by hard copy. This would enable NAAC to make a diagnostic survey of national higher education scenario and the feedback will be provided to each participating institution. No judgement or categorization on institutional quality is intended.


In order to enable institutions to have a preview of the questionnaire, the PDF version is available on the NAAC website.
When answering this questionnaire, please ensure that no question is omitted in order to have a holistic analysis.
This survey does not allow you to have access to the filledup form, i.e., once the 'done' button is clicked, the information will automatically reach NAAC.


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